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Walking Waterfall Tours

Walk your way to one of our many local waterfalls for an adventurous yet relaxing day that you won't forget.

Both tours are kid friendly. 


Trips Include: Pipas (coconuts), pineapple, water, waterfall admission

Recommended to bring: Sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, water, any extra snacks you may like,

bandana, towel


Mala Noche

  This short, 20-minute walk takes you to our most local waterfall here in Nosara - Mala Noche. Part of the Rio Nosara, we will walk through river crossings and beautiful pastures until we reach the waterfall for an optional swim and refreshments.

$60 PER PERSON + transportation


Belen Falls

This tour includes a 60 drive to the town of Belen. From there it's a short walk down to the beautiful, cascading waters of Belen Falls with many swimming pools and places to relax by the river.

*After heavy rains, this waterfall is unable to swim in for safety measures.*

$80 PER PERSON + transportation

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